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Collection of videos that I produced mainly for YouTube, dailymotion.  All of the videos are in a collection and will be tagged with the season and series.


Pasig River Ferry Service station Hulo Makati City

Crossing the Pasig River from Makati City into Mandaluyong When traffic is a total mess in Makati what can you do?  What alternatives are there for crossing the Pasig river? Well there is an inexpensive answer for crossing the river, the alternative route going to the City of Mandaluyong, directly east of Manila, that is quick and easy. The Hulo Ferry Station to the rescue. How much does it cost?  The regular fare is php4 per person (less than 10 cents). That is a great deal in saving tons of money getting across the river quickly and inexpensive. Now that...

Tagaytay Philippines Season 1 Vlog 7 Part 1 0

Manila to Tagaytay Roadtrip, Bag of Beans, Sky Ranch

Tagaytay from Manila, Bag of Beans, Sky Ranch, Bulalo | S1:E7:V1 In this vlog roadtrip episode, Max and a good friend travel to Tagaytay, Philippines to enjoy what other Filipinos enjoy… Holiday time & some volcanic ash. Some things to know about Tagaytay Tagaytay is a popular holiday town for many in Manila and visitors alike. It is south of Manila on the Philippine island Luzon and will take you about 1 1/2 hours to get there. Famous for it’s chilly to mild climate, it sits on a ridge above the active Taal Volcano.  This volcano with a large crater lake...


Manila Full Service Car Wash Surprise!

Filipino Car Wash Waiting Area! I know you all sometime or other wondered with millions of cars and so little space how are vehicles kept clean?  Well I’ll share the dirt with you and show you a glimpse of what it is like to have a car washed here in Manila Car Wash! Are all Car Wash establishments the same? No!  This is just one example of the real life experience of having the need to get a car washed and finding what seems to be more typical than not of car wash shops in Manila.  Now I’m not saying...

Mandaluyong, Manila 0

Mandaluyong Manila Philippines Drums Wakeup

What is up with loud banging drums at 6 am?  I guess you can expect anything in the Mandaluyong,  Philippines.  This new video is really just about a rude wakeup and some random work thoughts.  Also, I need to find an apartment for longer term stay. Metropolis of Surprises, Mandaluyong Manila Metro Manila is a great mega metropolis and worthy of inclusion in any travel bucket list. It’s definitely a town that is holding on to it’s origin with original shacks and some modern structures.  It’s really quite an good location if you are wanting to be mobile and able...


Flight – my journey to Asia

Flight April 2, 2016 was the the day that set the stage for my future.  My one way ticket was purchased and I’m on my way to Los Angeles International Airport.   My flight was with China Southern.  I have never flown with this airline before.  My expectations were set low.  Pleasantly it was a great flight. My dad My dad was born April 2, 1937.  He was a great family provider and the best dad that anyone could ever hope for.  He passed on May 29, 2015.  Cancer took his life.  Why am I tell you all this information?...

iMovie Best Resources & Tutorial Links 0

iMovie Best Resources & Tutorial Links

I began this tech travel journal with the simple message.  You don’t need a lot of money to travel and having the right gear with you makes capturing the moments easy.  One of the things that came to mind was… just how would I edit and upload to YouTube?  Well easy enough!  Just use the basic video edit software that comes with the Mac.  Is it the best full feature video editor out there?  NO.  It has many limits.  But we are not Steven Spielberg.  We just need all the basics to get a nice high quality video published on...