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It’s more fun in the Philippines. That is how the saying goes. And it’s true!
The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific. There are more than 7,000 islands.
Manila, the sprawling capital is famous for its traffic as much as waterfront promenade, Chinatown and it’s amazing food and shopping.


Pasig River Ferry Service station Hulo Makati City

Crossing the Pasig River from Makati City into Mandaluyong When traffic is a total mess in Makati what can you do?  What alternatives are there for crossing the Pasig river? Well there is an inexpensive answer for crossing the river, the alternative route going to the City of Mandaluyong, directly east of Manila, that is quick and easy. The Hulo Ferry Station to the rescue. How much does it cost?  The regular fare is php4 per person (less than 10 cents). That is a great deal in saving tons of money getting across the river quickly and inexpensive. Now that...

The Good Shepherd (OMP) 0

The Good Shepherd Hostel Makati First Impressions

I never thought I would actually get my confidence enough to actually make the jump to staying in a Hostel. Most of my travel life has been bouncing around from 5 star hotels to the lowest imaginable dumps as low as 1 star! Needless to say, I was worried about my new decision to stay here at a Hostel.  One of the realities that I face was the realization that I’ll have to share a room with 8 other total strangers, other than family. Adding to the feeling was that the rooms are mixed gender.  We had couples and singles all sharing a smallish...

Casa Nicarosa Hotel, Malate, Manila in the Philippines 0

Casa Nicarosa Hotel Residences Malate Manila Philippines

Casa Nicarosa Hotel & Residences, Malate, Manila, Philippines – The Good, Bad and downright confusing 3 nights stay Ok so rarely do I get a chance to stay in a hotel here in the dark side of Manila, Malate and have a good stay.  My stay at the Casa Nicarosa Hotel and Residences was one such good stay, but with a caveat. The question remains, is this hotel the hidden treasure in Manila? It is for sure a serene home nestled within a residential area in back and covered with the back of a mid-rise office structure.  What about the...


Dumaguete Civil Defense Mechanical Air Siren Single-Tone World War 2

Dumaguete has an civil ordinance that requires that minors are off the street by 10 p.m. So on one of my visits to Dumaguete, I was startled awake by the blare of an air raid siren! I asked around and found out that a repurposed air raid mechanical siren was used as a way of letting the city population know that it’s time for minors to go home. It’s loud and can be heard from most of Dumaguete. In this video, I attempt to get as close as was aloud to the air siren. Hopefully next time, I’ll see if...

Tagaytay Philippines Season 1 Vlog 7 Part 1 0

Manila to Tagaytay Roadtrip, Bag of Beans, Sky Ranch

Tagaytay from Manila, Bag of Beans, Sky Ranch, Bulalo | S1:E7:V1 In this vlog roadtrip episode, Max and a good friend travel to Tagaytay, Philippines to enjoy what other Filipinos enjoy… Holiday time & some volcanic ash. Some things to know about Tagaytay Tagaytay is a popular holiday town for many in Manila and visitors alike. It is south of Manila on the Philippine island Luzon and will take you about 1 1/2 hours to get there. Famous for it’s chilly to mild climate, it sits on a ridge above the active Taal Volcano.  This volcano with a large crater lake...