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I do buy a lot of gear and random copious amount of travel bags and stuff. I’m just looking out for you and making sure that it’s of top quality and good for travel. If you know of something that you want me to review. As always drop me a line.


Spencer’s Gastropub, Best Western Plus Subic

The process of rebranding and creating a new look and menu for gastropub or restaurant is a difficult thing.  The competition for good food to go along with a spirited, fun atmosphere is paramount.  In this part of the Philippines (Zambales and Pampanga), food glory is the prize. With this in mind, it came to my surprise when I found the new Spencer’s Gastropub rebranding and new menu done well. Subic has a new Gastropub worth visiting Congratulations to Spencer’s Gastro Pub, Best Western Plus Subic for doing the seeming impossible and doing it well. This time I was pleasantly...

The Good Shepherd (OMP) 0

The Good Shepherd Hostel Makati First Impressions

I never thought I would actually get my confidence enough to actually make the jump to staying in a Hostel. Most of my travel life has been bouncing around from 5 star hotels to the lowest imaginable dumps as low as 1 star! Needless to say, I was worried about my new decision to stay here at a Hostel.  One of the realities that I face was the realization that I’ll have to share a room with 8 other total strangers, other than family. Adding to the feeling was that the rooms are mixed gender.  We had couples and singles all sharing a smallish...

Casa Nicarosa Hotel, Malate, Manila in the Philippines 0

Casa Nicarosa Hotel Residences Malate Manila Philippines

Casa Nicarosa Hotel & Residences, Malate, Manila, Philippines – The Good, Bad and downright confusing 3 nights stay Ok so rarely do I get a chance to stay in a hotel here in the dark side of Manila, Malate and have a good stay.  My stay at the Casa Nicarosa Hotel and Residences was one such good stay, but with a caveat. The question remains, is this hotel the hidden treasure in Manila? It is for sure a serene home nestled within a residential area in back and covered with the back of a mid-rise office structure.  What about the...