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Ghost Boat washes up on Subic Bay, Ocean Pirates?

Amazing what washes up on any typical beach. But considering this is Subic Bay, I guess the unexpected can be even more expected. This is a very historic part of the Philippines that has seen many different military occupations. So when walking along the beach and coming across what seems to be and old shipwreck you begin to wonder. Was the history of the ship? Why was it here and what happen to the crew? Did they get eaten by a rogue whale? Did they survive? I guess we will never know. I did the research and asked around the...


How To Get From Angeles City to Subic Bay (SBMA)

This is an alternative plan for escape from Angeles City!  It’s very inexpensive to get from Angeles to Subic.  One of the most cost efficient and comfortable is to take the UV Express Shuttle.  This is a van that holds approx. 10 to 15 persons with air-condition comfort.  The vans will vary with quality and age dependent on the operator.  Just keep an eye for a decent looking van. The van that you are looking to board is going to Olongapo.  Let the driver know that you need to be let off at Harbor Point Mall – located just outside...

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Found this New Low Cost Boutique Hotel in Makati, Manila!

Sometimes when you travel, you wind up finding some of the best in unique Hotel stays by accident. This is exactly what happen on a routine walk from my hotel and hop inn.  It’s started as a typical wake up to get some joe at the Coffee Bean..  This morning, I decided to take a detour. I stumbled across a really great and inexpensive boutique style hotel in Makati, Philippines. I stumbled across Nano Nest Suites.  This is a brand-new boutique style hotel that’s all the rage right now in Makati. So I walk in and first thing I notice...

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2017 Fall Time Next Trip to Jakarta and Philippines

My next travel plans for May include my first trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. Travel Date Country City or Destination Sep 19 USA Los Angeles (travel day) Sep 22 – 26 Philippines Manila Sep 27 – Sep 30 Philippines Subic Bay Oct 1 – 10 Philippines Makati/Manila Oct 11 – 20 Philippines Cebu Oct 21 – 28 Philippines Dumaguete Oct 28 – 31 Philippines Cebu/Tacloban Nov 1 – 8 Indonesia Jakarta  

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Monkey Business in Subic Bay Philippines Protected Rainforest

It’s all about the Bunkers and Monkeys in Subic Bay When in Subic Bay Rainforest, keep in mind not to feed the monkeys.  In Filipino they are called Unggoy.  It has a cute sound to it.  Right?  They’ve been protected for ages and have no fear of people whatsoever.    I found out first hand, they are not quite as friendly as they would seem.  They have been known to grab cameras and food right from the hands of unsuspecting visitors.  It’s always been a dream of mine to see these cute little animals. First a little background on why I had initially...


Learn about Central Visayas (Negros Island) at the Trade Fair at Glorietta Ayala Malls, First Time Tubo and Piaya

I was planning this day to just have a pleasant “Mall” day shopping day at the Glorietta, part of the Ayala Mall complex. Instead, what I found was unexpectedly – Negros Island Trade Fair. Before I get a little more into the amazing find, there have been some changes in naming of this region of the Philippines. In August of 2017, virtue of President Duterte’s order (EO 183), the name of this region will revert to Central Visayas.  This won’t impact any of the traveling plans for viewing the amazing foods and sights.  So in other words, just keep in...


Spencer’s Gastropub, Best Western Plus Subic

The process of rebranding and creating a new look and menu for gastropub or restaurant is a difficult thing.  The competition for good food to go along with a spirited, fun atmosphere is paramount.  In this part of the Philippines (Zambales and Pampanga), food glory is the prize. With this in mind, it came to my surprise when I found the new Spencer’s Gastropub rebranding and new menu done well. Subic has a new Gastropub worth visiting Congratulations to Spencer’s Gastro Pub, Best Western Plus Subic for doing the seeming impossible and doing it well. This time I was pleasantly...


Make Money working from Home for Late Night or Early Risers

You want to find work that does not require you to be stuck to the typical 9 to 5 schedule.  If so, this is an opportunity that you have been looking for and need to check out. Alorica is hiring work at home customer service representatives. Firstly, Alorica manages customer relationships with customer calls 24/7.  This means there are great opportunities for you weather you are a late night owl and prefer the darkness of night for work or early morning riser. The key here is that for this opportunity you need to be available to work a minimum of...


Pasig River Ferry Service station Hulo Makati City

Crossing the Pasig River from Makati City into Mandaluyong When traffic is a total mess in Makati what can you do?  What alternatives are there for crossing the Pasig river? Well there is an inexpensive answer for crossing the river, the alternative route going to the City of Mandaluyong, directly east of Manila, that is quick and easy. The Hulo Ferry Station to the rescue. How much does it cost?  The regular fare is php4 per person (less than 10 cents). That is a great deal in saving tons of money getting across the river quickly and inexpensive. Now that...

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Don’t Pay More Traveling – Best Website Apps Making Travel Cheaper

As I have traveled, I have picked up quite a few online resources with good information for helping me find the best prices. My goal is to make this an ongoing growing list of online resources with only the freshest and best content and usable information. Sometimes a company that I used in the past will be on this list but will have become stale or not very useful. If I find that the information on the sites and apps I use are no longer relevant – I’ll remove that link and resource from the list. As we plan our...