Real World Nomadic Travel!

Hey there!  Just wanted to fill you in on what this online travel tech blog is about and who I am.

I’m a tech geek software engineer, aspiring vlogger, blogger and avid traveler.  I’ll be documenting my daily journey here and on YouTube.  I hope to provide some incite into the life of a digital nomad living daily by chance and determination.  I’ll be publishing guides, reviews and articles about what you can expect by venturing out into the functional digital traveling.

I am often asked the question about being a digital nomad and what the meaning of this really is.  Simply put it’s any individual who leverages technology, enabling them to work anywhere in the World.

This is an amazing gift made possible with the creation of the connected world and relatively inexpensive tools such as the PC and other mobile devices.  The advances in technology has given us the opportunity to not be chained to the desk and open the world to our creativity.

More about me and how this all began…

I was living cross border in California, just south of Los Angeles in the sleepy burbs of  Orange County and Las Vegas, Nevada.

One day I woke up and realized that with the passing of my dad… that life is a precious asset that can’t be squandered.  Time we use up and can’t get back.  My dad’s passing taught me a valuable lesson of following your passion and dreams.  Don’t end up later in life with regrets.

So please…

Follow the adventures of a entrepreneur working independent of location as I travel the world in search of a better life.

The message is simple – The vision is clear.

Follow your passion – You can do it too!